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The Traffic cone is one of the of the most cost-effective & durable two-piece traffic cones on the market. Manufactured from virgin HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) amd recycled PVC this cone is a durable, long lasting traffic management tool that is certified to high standards. Available in 75cm & 1 meter sizes it comes in orange with a high performance prismatic sleeve to improve the cones visibility in poor lighting conditions.

Manufactured to the highest standards in the UK. It is one of the most popular traffic cones due to its highly reflective sleeve & durable design. The traffic cone comes fit with a black ballast base which helps add weight to the traffic cone and stop it from being blown over in adverse weather conditions. The cone itself is hi-visibility orange & has the sleeve which allows the cone to be picked up easily in vehicle headlights.

Traffic cones are most commonly used to delineate areas where cars & pedestrians shouldn’t go, most commonly because work is taking place. For instance they are used to direct traffic away from areas where road works are taking place. They are a much more cost effective solution than employing a chapter 8 traffic barrier solution as the cones themselves are much cheaper and can cover a large area relatively easily. They are also very easily to deploy as the cones can be placed in a line without the need to connect them to one another. Starlite cones are easily stored and transported by simply stacking the cones one on top of another. Allowing you to maximise space when the traffic cones are not in use.


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