Steam and Sauna Eucalyptus Milk

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Introducing our Eucalyptus Steam and Sauna Essence, proudly crafted in Britain. This exceptional product harnesses the pure power of natural plant extracts. It has been expertly formulated into a milky essence that is available for individual purchase.

Our versatile Eucalyptus Sauna Milk can be used in both sauna pails, where it can be diluted with water and ladled onto sauna rocks, or with dosing pump injector systems, allowing it to be added directly into the steam line. It’s a must-have for steam rooms and sauna cabinets.

To achieve your desired fragrance strength, simply dilute this essence in water. It features the invigorating scent of eucalyptus, enhancing your steam room and sauna experience.

Key Ingredient: Natural Eucalyptus Globulus Oil.

For effortless use, you can introduce it through the automatic feed system or add a small amount to the water that’s ladled onto the sauna stones. When using automatic sauna and steam room dispensers, fill the dispensing reservoir with the undiluted product. A recommended dilution ratio is 20ml to 50ml per sauna bucket, mixed with warm water. This mixture can then be poured onto the hot sauna stones, enveloping your sauna with the delightful aroma of eucalyptus.


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