Pool Safety Divider Blue and White

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Custom-made pool safety dividers, designed with a focus on safety and aesthetics, feature vibrant color theme, combining striking blue and white for enhanced visibility and poolside appeal. These dividers are crafted to not only delineate areas but also to keep swimmers safe.

The dividers consist of Turkish-made surface floats, ensuring quality and durability. These floats are carefully engineered to withstand the rigors of a pool environment while maintaining their buoyancy and vibrant colors.

One notable feature of these dividers is the regular spacing of floats at every 30 centimeters along their length. This design choice ensures that the dividers offer continuous support and separation throughout the swimming area, adding an extra layer of safety.

Whether it’s for marking lanes, sectioning off specific areas, or ensuring swimmers stay within designated boundaries, these custom pool safety dividers with Universal Lifeguards’ color scheme and Italian-made surface floats provide both functionality and an attractive aesthetic to enhance the pool environment.


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