Lifeguard Umbrella with Tightening Knob

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High-quality material, high-density silver glue material, waterproof, sunscreen, UV-proof, aluminum alloy umbrella pole, durable, 16 fiberglass ribs, equipped with windproof fork and iron sand anchor

Elevate your outdoor experience in Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi with our premium umbrellas designed to provide ultimate sun protection. Our umbrellas are specially crafted to block 99% of harmful sunlight, making them perfect for the intense UAE sun. These versatile umbrellas are not only sunscreen, rainproof, and windproof but also breathable and easily foldable for convenient portability. With a 360° rotation feature, adjusting the fishing umbrella’s direction is a breeze.

Crafted with durable, waterproof, and breathable fabric, our umbrellas are suitable for both sunny and rainy days. Our seamless adhesive technology ensures they remain waterproof, rainproof, and excellent at shielding from the sun. Plus, each umbrella comes with essential accessories, including an Oxford cloth storage bag, a sturdy 25mm umbrella pole, 3 windproof forks, and a metal ground plug, ensuring easy carrying and hassle-free installation.

Choose from a variety of color options, including the serene lake blue, and a generous size of 200xH190cm (with an umbrella diameter of 183cm) to suit your preferences. Our umbrellas feature a universal adjustment feature – the umbrella pole includes a 360° adjustable spring, making it user-friendly. This allows you to tilt the umbrella surface effortlessly, ensuring comprehensive sun protection from every angle.


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