Lifeguard Umbrella

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Introducing the classic Lifeguard Parasol Umbrella! It transforms your lifeguard zone into a shaded oasis with ease. Made of high-quality waterproof fabric, it offers UV protection and resists fading, safeguarding your skin from sun damage. Featuring 4 Lifeguard prints, it ensures easy recognition of the lifeguard zone during emergencies. Designed to provide shade and rain protection, it facilitates smooth lifeguarding, making it perfect for poolside use.

Transform any area of your lifeguard zone into a cool, shaded oasis with the timeless Lifeguard Parasol Umbrella.

Crafted from premium waterproof fabric, this umbrella offers excellent UV protection and is resistant to fading, safeguarding you from sun-induced skin damage. With its four distinct Lifeguard prints, it ensures easy identification of the lifeguard zone, making it convenient during emergencies or when assistance is required.

Engineered to deliver optimal shade from the sun and protection from rain, this umbrella facilitates seamless lifeguarding operations. It is particularly well-suited for poolside use. During periods of non-use or inclement weather, we recommend storing the parasol in a cool and dry indoor location.


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