Kids Vaulting Box Trie Color and 3 Level Height

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Revamped for very young gymnasts, we present the improved version of the vaulting box. This specially designed box consists of three sections, each equipped with handholds for effortless lifting. To ensure stability and safety, every section is fitted with rubber feet.

The top of the vaulting box is crafted from vinyl padding, providing a comfortable surface for various gymnastic activities. What sets this redesigned box apart is its versatility – it can be used with one, two, or all three sections, offering a wide range of options.

To make it easy for different groups of young gymnasts to use, the sections are color-coded, indicating the appropriate heights for varying abilities. This enables coaches and instructors to arrange activities and exercises more efficiently.

The dimensions of the vaulting box are as follows: it measures 1340mm in length, 630mm in height, and is 680mm wide at the base. The top is 420mm wide, while each section has a height of 185mm


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