High Jump Mat

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Provide long lasting performance for your club this season! Our range of Cut Out, Fosbury Flop and Scissor high jump mats are custom made for durable and safe use. No matter what age group or level of competition, find the high jump mat to suit your club or school’s needs!

The high jump landing areas play a crucial role in the sport of high jump. The landing areas provide cushioning to the athletes when they land and is a very important equipment for the players safety. Thus, we make sure to design our landing areas with the players safety being of primary importance to us.

Our high jump landing areas are made of vinyl coated woven polyester fabric with the base and top pads encased in non-tearing vinyl coated woven polyester mesh. A very high quality Urethane foam is used to provide optimum cushioning while landing. The Urethane foam is tested so as to have a high spring constant so as to absorb the weight of the athlete while having the ability to retain the original shape after the applied load is removed. This gives our landing areas unmatched durability and longer life span. The foam is arranged in a lattice formation having many layers of material with different densities of foam in each layer. The lattice structure has voids in its formation that traps air in them. This helps to absorb the force of impact when the athlete lands, providing him with considerable cushioning to break the fall without any injuries. The lattice formation also provides the necessary strength and the desired level of spring constant to the structure for maximum durability.


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