Exotube Rescue Tube

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In an emergency situation, the emotions involved can make thinking difficult. That’s why it’s important to be prepared. With the Best Marine Rescue Bag you have an effective rescue tool that you can use at any time.

Durable Nylon Mesh Case – No Cracks!
Textured surface provides non-slip
6′ Tow Strap
2″ Adjustable Shoulder Strap
Tow Rope Attachment Hook and Loop
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This ExoTube® is manufactured with an eco-friendly coating that isdurable and extremely flexible. This patented coating helps ExoTube ® reduce cracking and problems with the and will give the excellent service for many years. Due to the added features and the environmentally friendly nature of the coating, ExoTube® takes time, but this in no way affects the use of ExoTube® in rescue training programs or internal applications.ExoTube® can be unpacked and put into operation immediately!
Proper maintenance and storage of the ExoTube® is simple:
1. Each ExoTube® has a sewn-in D-ring that can be used to attach the pocket mask, but also serves to hang the tubing when not in use. Leaving hoses at the edge of the pool greatly increases the risk of abuse and shortens the life of any lifeline. Any problems with the unit caused by hoses left at the poolside will not be covered by the unit warranty.
2Do not stack ExoTube® on top of each other during the first four weeks of use. Any problems with the caused by stacking the hoses during this period will not be covered by the warranty. and the shoulder strap. When not using the, fold away the harness and tow rope and simply wrap the 8″ Velcro around the webbing. Never wrap or tie the’s tow rope and shoulder harness around the ExoTube®. Tying a strap around the pipe will distort its shape over time, drastically reducing its lifespan. Any hoses on the
that show signs of a shoulder strap/tow rope attachment will not be covered under warranty.


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