CPR Manikins

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In an emergency situation, the emotions involved can make thinking difficult. That’s why it’s important to be prepared. With the Best Marine Rescue Bag you have an effective rescue tool that you can use at any time.

This CPR Starter Kit contains four Adult Prestan Feedback Manikins in a Nylon Case, four Prestan Infant Feedback Manikins in a Nylon Case, 50 Lung Manikin Cases, four Prestan UltraTrainers in a Nylon Case, four MCR ManiBib, and four MCR Posters .

Note: All manikins in this set include the comments required by the AHA.

Learn more about Prestana dolls (4, adult dolls and 4 infant dolls included in this set):

– Fully compliant with American Heart Association guidelines
– Realistic pinch nosed dolls with fully articulated neck

– Easy to use – Lung pouch insert, pacifier speed setting
– Realistic skin resists dirt, grime and grease
– Locking mechanism increases student’s confidence in performing correct compressions

Batteries not included with exercise light

Learn more about the Prestan UltraTrainer (4, pack)

The student-friendly trainer and trainer features the Pad Recognition System, which recognizes the location of the pads on the
‘s torso. Clear, low voice instructions guide students on how to use the correctly, while the cardiac massage metronome (which can be disabled) includes encourages students to perform compressions at the rate recommended by the ECC, and like most modern field devices, the electrodes remain on pre-connected to the device after assembly.With this, your students will experience what it’s like to use a real defibrillator.


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