Beach Volleyball Set Deluxe Edition

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Experience the ultimate in beach volleyball equipment with the Beach Volleyball Set Deluxe Edition. Its high-quality components, adjustable features, safety padding, and portability make it a perfect choice for both recreational and competitive beach volleyball players.

Introducing the Beach Volleyball Set Deluxe Edition, designed to enhance your beach volleyball experience with top-quality components and convenient features. This set includes:

  1. Volleyball Net: The net is made of durable nylon material, built to withstand the rigors of beach play. Its standard dimensions of 8.5 meters (28 feet) in width ensure a regulation-sized court. The net features net tightening winches, allowing you to easily adjust the tension for optimal gameplay.
  2. Heavy-Duty Aluminum Posts: The set comes with two sturdy aluminum posts that provide excellent stability and durability. These posts are designed to withstand the harsh outdoor elements and are coated with a powder finish for added protection against rust and corrosion.
  3. Height Adjustable Unit: The volleyball posts feature a convenient height adjustment mechanism, allowing you to customize the net height according to your preferences or specific game requirements. Whether you’re playing with adults or children, you can easily set the net at the desired height.
  4. Boundary Lines with High Visibility Anchors: The set includes heavy-duty nylon boundary lines that are highly visible, even in bright sunlight. These lines are built to withstand the challenging beach conditions and clearly mark the boundaries of the court. The set also provides high visibility anchors that ensure the lines remain securely in place throughout intense gameplay.
  5. Custom Printed Safety Padding: Safety is paramount, and this set includes custom printed safety padding. The padding wraps around the poles to minimize the risk of accidental collisions. The padding is designed with vibrant colors and can be customized with your own graphics or logos to add a personalized touch to your beach volleyball court.
  6. 200KG Underground Counterweight Each Side: Stability is crucial for a smooth and uninterrupted game. The set comes with 200KG underground counterweights on each side, providing a solid foundation that keeps the posts and net firmly in place during gameplay. This ensures minimal net sagging and eliminates the need for additional sandbags or anchors.
  7. Easy to Relocate: The set is designed for easy portability and relocation. The lightweight aluminum posts and collapsible net make it convenient to transport and set up in different locations. Whether you’re heading to the beach, organizing a tournament, or simply playing with friends in different spots, this set allows you to enjoy beach volleyball wherever you go.


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