Underwater Training Manikin

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Dive into efficient underwater training with our vivid orange or yellow manikins, measuring 1000*530*220mm. Crafted from durable PE, these 8 kg manikins feature a water filler and remover, providing realistic training scenarios. Filled, they reach 50 kg, offering lifelike aquatic challenges.

“Elevate your water rescue training with our premium underwater training manikins. Designed for lifeguards and water safety professionals, these manikins come in eye-catching orange or yellow, ensuring visibility in any aquatic setting. The 1000*530*220mm dimensions and durable PE material make them ideal for realistic simulations.

One standout feature is the incorporated water filler and remover, allowing trainers to adjust the manikin’s weight dynamically. With a net weight of 8 kg and the capacity to reach 50 kg when filled, these manikins provide versatility in training scenarios, making them an essential tool for lifeguard preparedness.

Ensure your lifeguard equipment is top-notch with our innovative underwater training manikins. Prepare for diverse water rescue scenarios and hone skills effectively with these durable and dynamic training aids.


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