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Looking for a high-quality solution to reduce turbulence in your swimming pool lanes? Check out our anti-wave lane lines! Designed to minimize waves and improve swimmer performance, our lane lines are a must-have for any competitive pool. Browse our selection now and experience the difference!

Pool lane anti-wave is a type of pool equipment used to reduce or eliminate the formation of waves in swimming pools. This equipment is particularly important for competitive swimming events, where waves can have a significant impact on the swimmers’ performance.

Jas Trading is a sports goods and sports equipment company based in Sharjah, UAE. They offer a range of products, including pool equipment, such as pool lane anti-wave.

The pool lane anti-wave system typically consists of a series of plastic disks or floats that are anchored to the bottom of the pool using stainless steel anchors. The disks are arranged in a specific pattern to create a barrier that slows down and dissipates waves as they move down the pool.

When swimmers move through the water, they create waves that can bounce off the sides of the pool and travel back down the pool, interfering with other swimmers. The anti-wave system breaks up these waves, reducing their impact and creating a smoother surface for swimmers to compete on.

In addition to improving the conditions for swimmers, the pool lane anti-wave system can also improve the accuracy of timing systems used in competitive swimming events. When waves bounce off the sides of the pool, they can create false starts or stops, which can affect the accuracy of timing systems. By reducing waves, the anti-wave system can help ensure accurate timing for all competitors.

Jas Trading offers a range of pool equipment, including pool lane anti-wave systems, to customers in the UAE and beyond. Their products are designed to meet the needs of swimmers and other aquatic athletes, as well as the operators of swimming pools, including public pools, schools, and sports clubs.

Overall, the pool lane anti-wave system is an important piece of equipment for competitive swimming events and can help ensure fair and accurate competition for all participants. Jas Trading, as a provider of sports goods and sports equipment, offers quality pool equipment, including anti-wave systems, to customers in Sharjah, UAE, and beyond.


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