Lifeguard Walkie Talkie

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The TALKABOUT T82 Extreme is the rugged travel companion you need on all your wildest adventures. With an IPx4 rating, the T82 Extreme is weatherproof – able to withstand the harshest environments.

The new hidden display makes calling easier and comes alive when you need it. The easy pairing button makes setup a breeze. A built-in LED torch provides emergency light when needed so you can read your map in the dark. And with essential accessories and a range of up to 10km, the TALKABOUT T82 Extreme keeps you in touch whether you’re on the roughest treks or highest peaks. The T82 is a license free PMR446 walkie talkie from Motorola, this product comes as part of a dual pack. The usual radio of choice for leisure users, the T82 is ideal for use in close range environments where talking over extended distance isn’t required. These devices are designed for easy pairing meaning that straight out of the case they are capable of operating together, even if you buy multiple sets, your T82 radios will all work together.


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